2022 MLB ICON Leadoff Series - Lineup 12022 MLB ICON Leadoff Series

Lineup 1 of our 2022 MLB ICON Leadoff Series contains an assortment of 180 MLB Player NFTs ranging from familiar faces and fan favorites to current stars ready to be unwrapped for the first time ever on Candy.

Lineup 1 packs drop on April 12th and April 19th with the chance to reveal 1 of 1 NFTs featuring the biggest names in baseball including: Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, Wander Franco, and MORE! View the whole list to see every player in the lineup here.

2022 MLB ICON Leadoff packs contain 5 player NFTs with 2 of the ICONS guaranteed to be Uncommon or better. Each NFT includes dynamic stats updated daily.

Looking to buy multiple packs? Select up to ten packs in one transaction by increasing your total at checkout.

Pack Odds:
drop date04/12/2022
edition of61865
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